Thursday, May 10, 2012


Announce It! Creatively
At this time in our lives, we had built an addition onto our house and were putting the finishing touches done. OK, well maybe not quite just the finishing touches, we didn't have the 2nd bathroom in the house done! ;) Dave was working on the stair railing at that time. On the day that Kaden was born a new septic tank was being installed. It was quite fitting to use this theme for the birth announcement of #7, Kaden Steven Gregory, named in honour of his Uncle Greg.

The house was drawn by Dave, written and typed by me on the computer, printed on the printer, and then photocopied on blue paper. Unfortunately the scanning didn't pick up the colour.

On Kaden's first Sunday to church (2 days old), Davis said to a lady , "And this is our new baby, Kaden Steven Kadery!" Kadery and Kade have been our nick names for this cheerful boy. Mischief and pestering his siblings were his trade mark. Oh, and eating lipstick. ;) From birth he could sleep in his cradle just a few feet away from the sound of a saw and hammering. Once he was toddling around, he loved to get a hold of Dave's "hammer" and he knew which one it was if we tried to give him another one to hold.  He is an accomplished musician on the guitar, piano and drums. Percussion is his love.

I have been delaying this post for a few days to also say how fitting this birth announcement is with the present timing in Kaden's life. He has bought a house! A house that needs TLC, but will be a great opportunity for him as he plans to live there and rent out some rooms. The future will make it a lovely home!

Kaden has brought joy to our lives with his always smiling face, living up to the meaning of his name "friend and companion".

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