Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Stick Family

When I first saw stick people on the back of a van, I fell in love. Something about them was just so cute. I wanted to buy some, but my husband didn't quite fall for the price tag, nor the cuteness. He said they'd cover the whole back of our vehicle. I teased that my hopes of ever being a trend setter were now over. I could have been the first in our town!

I am not sure what it is about stick people that I love. Perhaps it is because it is my kind of art....the only kind of people I can draw. So here is my family how they are affectionately referred to in groupings. And without further stick family!

My Stick Family from

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Announce It! #8

Announce It! Creatively

Unfortunately I got the brainwave to post the kid's birth announcements after a January birthday and then forgot to post it first. So here is the announcement. She holds the record of being the biggest Kennedy baby! She was the pink that delighted our hearts after 3 brothers in a row!

She is truly God's gracious gift as she almost died at birth. It is a miracle that the doctors got her breathing and that she did not suffer any brain damage as they said she would have. She truly is our sweet Ness!

Her birth announcement was done in Microsoft Word back in the MSdos days! I printed one and then photocopied to make multiples. I used a pink marker to decorate each announcement.

If you would like a birth announcement made for you, just email me at thekennedyklan at gmail dot com or leave a comment.

Announce It! #1

Announce It! Creatively

When I was pregnant with our first baby, I got the brain wave to create a birth announcement. Everyone, in those days, put an announcement in the local newspaper, but I wanted something more. Something personal and creative to mail out to our family and friends announcing our newborn. I came up with this:

I purchased some blank stationary cards.

Now remember in those days, I handed typed every single announcement on a typewriter that did not have an erase feature. Now that I have referred to 1979 as `in those days`, I do remember it as being the most exciting day in my life - a baby girl. Motherhood was a delight and I was back in my jeans by my 6 week check-up. She has provided us with love, music, laughter and delight all these years...well except for her messy room despite my efforts to train her. She has grown into a wonderful godly woman, wife and mother. Happy Birthday to our Darby girl! Read about her crazy life @

Throughout 2012, I will share with you all the birth announcements that I did for our children. Oh, how I wish I had had the resources of digital software and graphics at my fingertips! Now you might laugh, but I didn't have enough children to use up all my ideas. I'll be posting those here as well. So if you would like me to design one for you or you would like to purchase one of the ones I already have created just email me at thekennedyklan at gmail dot com.