Thursday, February 2, 2012

Announce It! #8

Announce It! Creatively

Unfortunately I got the brainwave to post the kid's birth announcements after a January birthday and then forgot to post it first. So here is the announcement. She holds the record of being the biggest Kennedy baby! She was the pink that delighted our hearts after 3 brothers in a row!

She is truly God's gracious gift as she almost died at birth. It is a miracle that the doctors got her breathing and that she did not suffer any brain damage as they said she would have. She truly is our sweet Ness!

Her birth announcement was done in Microsoft Word back in the MSdos days! I printed one and then photocopied to make multiples. I used a pink marker to decorate each announcement.

If you would like a birth announcement made for you, just email me at thekennedyklan at gmail dot com or leave a comment.

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