Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year's Resolves

1. Wash the laundry in cold water.
2. Organize all the film negatives
3. Get all cards mailed out in a timely manner... aka... so they actually receive it in time for their birthday. I've been bad on this for the last couple of years. Not my intent, but I just don't seem to get it done on time.
4. Lose weight so my poor old bones don't have to drag around more than they need to.
5. And most importantly, what is God's goal for me?
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8

So at the end of the first month, I report that:
1. I have washed every load in cold water. I'm afraid my whites are not as white but maybe I am imagining that. I guess I am experiencing a paradigm shift.

2. I had an idea, a great idea! I thought my thought was a good thought, but...... I knew we had a lot of negatives (1977 to 2005) and I was bothered by the piles of envelopes never staying in place in the drawer. I remembered I had this photo album and I thought I would use it as a file cabinet for the negatives. My first clue should have been my numb hands dropping the envelopes twice as I tried to get them into chronological order.

Well, in theory it was a great idea! LOL I wonder what better plan I can come up with ...2 albums? Maybe in 2013! ;)

One positive...my negative album holds all the negatives in chronological order, even if it won't close and believe it or not it is a lot neater in the cupboard than all those pesky envelopes.

I am grateful that I wrote out a list of each frame number and who/what was in the picture for every film all along the way. That made the job a whole lot easier.

3. It is February 1st and I just got the card mailed today for the February 2nd birthday celebrated in the USA. Fail!
4. I've lost 9 pounds. Happy!
5. God is my judge as to whether I have walked humbly, acted justly and loved mercy. It truly is my desire, living life moment by moment in Him!


  1. Add some bleach to your whites load, you'll never know! A slightly duller shade seems worth the $$ savings, doesn't it? And YAY about 9lbs, that is impressive for a month for sure!!

  2. I have added a scoop of oxiclean to every white load, so maybe I should add a little regular bleach. I hope to see a drop in the energy bill when it comes in! :) Then it will be worth the paradigm shift. LOL

  3. ...i bet it's all in your mind. If someone gave you two test loads of hot & cold, I bet you couldn't tell the difference...

  4. But I bet I could tell the difference between warm and cold! ;)

  5. wow 9 lbs IS impressive! and for the laundry, I have only ever been doing my laundry in cold water but I make sure to use the detergent that is specifically for cold water use. I use the Purex Natural Elements Coldwater one and I've been pretty happy with it! (and its cheap! $11.96 at Walmart for a huge jug! - and sometimes you can even catch a sale)

  6. mind you that being said...the fact that I have only ever used cold water means I have no clue if there is a difference in my whites or not! Ignorance is bliss I guess?!